[fade]So, YOU want to SELL YOUR HOME!
Protect YOUR most Valuable Asset![/fade]


[fade]Thinking about selling your home? Choose the right Real Estate Broker![/fade]

The success of selling your home depends on choosing the right realtor! Find a realtor that best suits YOUR personality and who is focused on how best to meet YOUR needs, wants and desires. Always do business with someone you like, someone you feel comfortable talking to and someone who has your best interests top of mind. Listen to your heart! Communication is key to all negotiations and a successful sale. If you can’t easily communicate with your Broker, and they don’t communicate with you in the way you want them to, how can they possibly represent your best interests?

[fade]5 Easy Ways YOU can protect your most valuable asset![/fade]

“In today’s electronic age, protect yourself from the real estate scam artists on the internet. Set realistic expectations when selling your home, and know who you are working with!”

[fade]Get the Data![/fade]

Find out what the current value of your property is in 2019. Take advantage of a local realtor’s offer to give you the most updated SOLD market data and a home evaluation estimate for YOUR neighborhood. All it will cost you is your time!

[fade]Do the Research![/fade]

Talk to local real estate brokers living & working in your neighborhood. No one knows the neighborhood better than a resident broker! Cross check real estate websites and local agencies to make sure you are working with a licensed professional realtor. When in doubt, contact the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) to confirm that a broker who approaches you holds an active real estate license.

[fade]Meet with a Broker![/fade]

Whenever possible, meet a broker that you don’t know at their office for a short interview before inviting them into your home. Ask to see a broker’s personal biography, client references, testimonials & ask them to show you their real estate license.

[fade]Stay in the loop![/fade]

Always keep someone you trust in the loop as to what your plans are.

[fade]Seek Legal Advice![/fade]

When in doubt, always seek legal advice on all matters that you do not understand.